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Monday, 30 March 2009

There are many villas and apartments for rent in Kalkan.  The numbers have been growing significantly over recent years, as the number of hotels has reduced.

According to the recent KTLN Survey, in 2009 around 25% of you stay in hotels, 20% rent villas, 19% rent apartments, and most of the rest are property owners.

This article will help if you wish to rent your property, or if you are looking to rent something in Kalkan.

The good news is that there is lots of choice. You could also see that as bad news - because with so much choice, where do you begin?

If you are looking at Kalkan as a first time visitor you have to rely on what you are told by owners, travel/booking agents or friends who may have already been.

Personal recommendation
This is more often than not, a reliable source of information, because it is usually impartial, and based upon experience. Talk to people who have been to Kalkan, but do bear in mind that people have different expectations. What is brilliant for some people, may not be to your taste, and vice-versa.

Travel forums can be useful, but they can be manipulated. False praise may be easily planted on a forum, and conversely it is not unheard of, for people with grievances to post wild, and damaging comments. They can be helpful, but take online comments with a pinch of salt.

Internet searches
The internet provides a wealth of information, for would-be renters. Try searching for what you want. Be aware that some property owners, or renting agencies, pay to get themselves high up in the search results. That does not mean that they are necessarily any better than the ones on lower pages. Don't just look at the first page of search results, as you may miss something really good.

Make sure you know who you are dealing with on the internet. It is not unknown for unscrupulous people to set up scam websites, masquerading as property rental agencies. Before you part with any money, make independant enquiries to verify that the people you are dealing with are genuine.

When looking at websites of renting agencies, or individual property owners, always bear in mind that they will be showing things in the best light possible. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you have concerns or require clarification. When booking a Kalkan apartment or villa, here are some things to think about.

  • Where in Kalkan is the property? This is important because you should be aware of how close you are to facilities, shops, beaches etc.
  • Parts of Kalkan are built on mountain side locations - find out if you need to walk long distances uphill.
  • Linked to the above, is the information on how long it takes to walk into town (or to the beach etc) realistic? The website may say a car is not required, but consider how far you are prepared to walk - especially in hot weather?
  • If you are sharing facilities, such as a pool, how many others could you be sharing with?
  • Some property descriptions can easily become out of date. Does the property still have "an amazing sea view", or has another villa been built in front of it? If content appears to be outdated, don't be afraid to check up on such things.
  • The natural topography of Kalkan means that it can be a little challenging for people with limited mobility. You can help yourself by choosing accommodation that is at ground level, or with very few steps.
  • Think about noise, especially at night. A central town location may be very handy, but will you get late night noise from local bars? You don't have to be that close to bars either, as the noise can travel quite a distance. If in doubt, ask the owners about this.
  • Similarly, some visitors are not happy with street dogs, because either they are afraid of them, or unhappy about late night barking, which can ruin a night's sleep. It is sometimes hard for owners to know if there is a problem, as dogs can roam from place to place. If there is a known problem, the owners should tell you about it, but in reality will they? If you are concerned, you should ask questions.

If you are in the buy to let market it can provide you with an income stream, however the competition is great and you need to consider what you can do to make people choose you.

There are countless rental websites.  The choice is typically to place an advert and pay a fixed annual fee, or to place the advert with no up front fee, but instead you pay a percentage of any rental income you earn.  Be careful to look out for websites that say that if you are with them, they want to take a percentage of rental income if you rent your place through another agent.

Electricity Bills
Renting your property over the hot summer months can leave you with huge electricity bills, due to constant use of air con units. Some people will think they are entitled to run air con as much as they like, because they have paid for it as part of the deal. But even if people are sensible about it, the cost can be substantial.

KTLN has some tips on how to limit these bills. Click on the following link to find out more: Kalkan electricity

Any rental income your receive is subject to tax, although, as in the UK, you are permitted to deduct certain expenses.  

The Turkish tax authorities have published a guide (February 2010).  This PDF document appears at the bottom of this page, and can be downloaded.

Public Liability Insurance
If you rent out your villa or apartment you should have public liability insurance.  

Download this file (Turkish-rental-income-tax-2010.pdf)Turkish_Rental_Income_2010.pdf[Guide to Turkish Rental Income]512 Kb383 Downloads

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 April 2017