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Knowledge Bank » Transport » Airport Transfers

Dalaman to Kalkan - Directions PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 March 2009
3.1/5 (42 votes)

Dalaman to KalkanDirections to Kalkan from Dalaman Airport 
This article was updated in May 2017.

Here is a link to Google maps, showing the journey from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan: Google Maps Link

Your journey should take no more than 1 hour 45 minutes.  It's about 126 kilometres.

Airport Transfer Sharing
Thinking of sharing the journey?  We recommend trying our sister website called  It has been created by KTLN's webmaster.  It's free and it really works.  Why not give it a try!

Below, we provide you with directions, but first, here is a table of places you will pass along the way, together with how far you have travelled (in kilometres), starting from the international airport terminal building.

Location on journey
 0 Dalaman airport
 20 Göcek tunnel
 30 İnlice
 40 Yanıklar
 44 Kargi
 46 Fethiye
 52 Çamköy
 54 Karaçulha
 66 Zorlar
 71 Junction - turn right
 79 Çaltiozu
 81 Alaçat
 84 Çaykenarı


 110 Kınık
 113 Ova
 126 Kalkan
  • Leave the airport through the exit barrier (you will see a booth to pay your car parking charge - if applicable).  Once you pass the security checkpoint you are on the D555 Muğla Fethiye Yolu, which is a dual carriageway.
Dalaman to Kalkan
  • Carry straight on across the roundabout at Dalaman town and continue until you see a Total petrol station on your right. 
Dalaman to Kalkan
  • Shortly after this you come to a traffic light junction.  Landmarks to look out for on your right are the Karizma Cafe & Bar and right on the corner the Ekinci Market (painted blue).
Karizma Bar traffic lights
  • Turn right here on to the single carriageway road.  Continue past the green mosque, to the end of this road and turn right on to the main road - the D400.
Dalaman to Kalkan
  • Don't worry if you miss this right turn because if you keep going you will eventually reach a major intersection, where the D555 meets the D400.  Turn right here on to the D400.  (By turning right after the petrol station you are cutting out a couple of kilometres).  The D400 road takes you all the way to Kalkan.
  • The next major landmark is the Göcek tunnel.  If you prefer winding mountain roads you can avoid the tunnel, but if you can't wait to get to Kalkan (and we assume you can't) drive to the toll booth, pay your 5.00 TL (with effect from May 2017) and drive through.
  • Keep on the D400 at all times, signposted for Fethiye, Kaş and Antalya.  However don't drive into Fethiye town - keep on the main road (D400).
  • Once you have bypassed Fethiye (on your right) you will eventually come to a major junction with traffic lights.  Follow the sign for Kaş and Antalya and turn right here - still on the D400.
  • As you are approaching Kalkan the road goes uphill and as you come over the brow of the hill you will see the magnificence of Kalkan Bay, with Mouse & Snake islands on your right.  If it is dark you will see the orange glow of Kalkan as you drop down towards the town.
  • As the road nears Kalkan the road goes downhill quite steeply and splits into a dual carriageway with palm trees in the middle, and you will see a major junction with traffic lights and a petrol station on your right.  To go towards Kalkan town centre, turn right at the junction before the petrol station. 

You have arrived in Kalkan.  Hoş geldiniz.

A quick mention about speed limits.  If you are driving a standard saloon car, for most of the way it's 90kph, but there are stretches where it's less.  On some of the newer dual carriageway sections with metal barriers in the centre you can drive up to 120 kph.  We understand that you may get 10% leeway on the limits, as tends to be the case back in the UK, but KTLN does not recommend risking it.  The traffic police do sometimes set up speed checks on this route. 

If you are driving a people carrier, or other larger vehicle the speed limit is different.  Registered members of KTLN can read our article on Turkish Rules of the Road, in our Knowledge Bank, in the Transport section.  Amongst other things it has full details of speed limits for different vehicle types.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 May 2017