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Beaches & Beach Clubs PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 27 February 2009

Things to do in Kalkan.  You will find many excellent beaches in and around Kalkan.

Kalkan Beach: BLUE FLAG STATUS FROM 2011
Kalkan has a pebble beach adjacent to the harbour. 

In season you will find markers to identify the safe area to swim, away from the harbour entrance. 

The Belediye is aiming for Blue Flag status in time for the 2011 season, and a life guard will be on duty.  There are showers behind the beach.

There are a number of bars and cafes nearby, many with free WiFi.

Every year, Kalkan town beach has to be dragged back into shape - quite literally, to repair the ravages of the winter storms. Click here to read a KTLN news report on this work.

Kaputaş beachKaputaş Beach
Kaputaş beach is only a few kilometres away on the road to Kaş. 

In the tourist season, Kaputaş has parasols for rent, sandwiches and gözleme, prepared by the wife of the man with the parasols, plus fruit and cold drinks delivered to your spot on the beach.

The beach is made of coarse (rather than fine) golden sand and the iridescent turquoise colours of the sea have to be seen to be believed.

There is shade from late afternoon.  You need to be fit enough to deal with lots of steps, but it's well worth a visit.

Below: Kaputaş Beach, Kalkan, Turkey video


Akçagerme Beach, Kaş: BLUE FLAG STATUS
Akçagerme Beach is on the approach to Kaş, set in a natural bay on the final bend of the coastal road.

It is managed and run by Students of Tourism, and is an ideal choice for families with excellent facilities, including playgrounds, water slides and platforms in the sea for diving or jumping from, and a gradual shelving into the sea.

There are sunbeds and parasols for rent, restaurant and snack bar, toilets, showers and changing facilities. It can be crowded in the middle of the day in high season, but much less so in the late afternoon.

A good place to watch the boats and yachts as they sail into the new marina!

Patara beachPatara Beach: SPECIALLY PROTECTED AREA
A short dolmuş ride takes you to Patara beach, with around 18 kilometres of fine golden sand, backed by glorious undulating dunes.

The quintessential beach for long walks and amazing sunsets! 

A short dolmuş ride takes you to the eastern edge of the beach, where you will find sunbeds and parasols for rent, a cafe and snack bar, toilets, showers and changing cabins.

A short stroll away you can easily find your own secluded bit of beach to lay your towel.

Towards the northern end of Patara beach you can relax and picnic close to where the River Esen flows into the sea.  Again, you will find basic facilities run by the local Belediye.

Below: Patara Beach and Dunes Video

Patara Beach and Dunes

Patara Beach Card (Plaj Kart)  New from June 2011
From June 2011, you can get a special pass to visit Patara Beach.  You can buy them at the entry point, by the barrier, which is run by the government TURSAB agency.

There are two Plaj Karts to choose from. For 25 entries, you pay 15TL, or for just 10 entries, you pay 7.50TL.  The card will be activated at your first entry. Both cards are valid for 10 days and only give you permission to access Patara beach. 

The cards are not specific to one person, so groups of people can use them.  For example, if you have a group of 5 people, you can buy a Plaj Kart giving 10 entries, which would mean the whole group can visit the beach twice, at a total cost of just 7.50TL.

If you wish to visit the ancient ruins you must pay 5TL for a ticket.  We are sure that no KTLN readers would ever think of cheating, by buying a Plaj Kart with the intention of visiting the ruins 'on the cheap'. 

Anyone thinking of doing so should be aware that TURSAB officers do walk round the ruins, and may ask to see your ticket.  If you only have a Plaj Kart, technically you have broken the law, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Incidentally, if you buy a ticket to see the ruins, that also gives you permission to go on Patara beach.

Kumluova Beach
A few kilometres along from Patara, you come to Kumluova Beach where the Xanthos River flows into the sea. It is also accessible by road past Letoon, or as the final destination of a canoeing trip.

Kumluova is not a touristic beach, favoured by local families, relaxing with picnics and BBQs, fishing and swimming in the river and the sea, especially on Sundays. A warm welcome is assured, and often an invitation to share food, or to help pull in the fishing nets.

There are basic facilities of toilets and changing cabins, and a cafe open in summer.  The currents can be quite strong here, so please take extra care.

Karadere Beach
At the far western edge of Patara beach, accessible by road, is Karadere beach, where a tributary of the River Eşen flows into the sea.

Karadere is popular with locals and tourists alike, but never crowded. You will find people swimming and fishing in the sea and the river, and there is a simple cafe where they serve freshly caught fish.

There are basic facilities of toilets and changing cabins.

Beach clubBeach Clubs
You can find beach clubs in Kalkan Bay, near to the harbour and across the bay in Kışla.  There is also a beach club in Kalamar Bay.  Some of these clubs have pontoons in the sea from which you can dive, or slides dropping you down into the sea. 

If you want to try the beach clubs across the bay from the harbour, check whether there is a free boat shuttle operating.

Here are links to Beach Clubs in the KTLN Business Directory

Indigo Beach Club                    Kalamar Beach Club

Kalkan Beach Park                    Mahal Beach Club

Palm Beach Club                      Likya Gardens Hotel

Yalı Beach Club

It is perhaps stating the obvious, but care needs to be taken when swimming in the sea.  Some people have experienced very strong currents on Patara beach, so please know your limits and keep a close watch on children.

KTLN would like to thank Sue Broadbent for her excellent contribution to this article.

Last Updated on Friday, 17 July 2015