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Knowledge Bank » Transport » Bus & Coach Services

Buses, Dolmuşes & Coaches PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 March 2009
2.5/5 (59 votes)

Kalkan bus station (the otogar) is positioned slightly out of the town centre, below the petrol station.  It can be accessed from two roads - Kaş Road and Şehitler Cadessi (the main road in and out of Kalkan).  See our interactive map of Kalkan, which can be accessed from the Main Menu.

The main service providers are Kamil Koç, Batı Antalya, Pamukkale, and Ulusoy, plus of course the local dolmuş operator KTT.  It is also possible to hire local, independently owned buses and coaches in Kalkan.  Services operate 7 days a week.

We provide below information about these main service providers, including how you can find out their published schedules.  However, please note that whatever it says on their websites or any locally produced schedules, timings can change at short notice.  You are advised to always check 24 hours before departure.

Dolmuş service Kalkan Minibus Cooperative (Phone: 0541 255 7701)
You will find many dolmuş buses operating out of Kalkan bus station serving local destinations, including Akbel, Islamlar, Üzümlü, Patara and Kaş. Here are some details we picked up from the Kalkan Minibus Cooperative at the bus station in May 2015:

  • Kaş / Kaputaş - Departure 10.30 & 11.30.  Return 15.00 & 17.00
  • Patara Beach - Departure 10.15; 11.00; 11.45 & 13.00.  Return 16.00; 17.00 & 18.00  OWT 6TL.  RT 12TL.
  • Xanthos / Saklıkent - Departure 10.30.  Return 16.00  RT 25TL.  Minimum 4 persons.
  • Fethiye Market - Tuesday only - Departure 10.00.  Return 17.00.  RT 30TL.  Minimum 6 persons.

Kamil Koç
This company specialises in long distance travel and you can find regular services to places such as Istanbul (direct), and Ankara and Izmir (via Fethiye).  Their telephone numbers are 0242 844 1212 (local) and 444 0562 (national).

You can find their schedules on the internet:  You can even book online and obtain a small discount.  Whilst the site is in Turkish only, it is not too hard to work things out if you follow our guide below.

In the Online Bilet section you can plan a journey, selecting your start point, destination and choosing a date of travel.  There is an option to specify a return journey.  The site will tell you when coaches are scheduled, the cost, and will tell you the stations you will stop at and at what time.

Useful translations for this website

  • Sefer Güzergahı = Journey Route
  • Kalkış = Starting From
  • Varış = Destination
  • Gidiş Tarihi = Date Going
  • Dönüş Tarihi = Return Date
  • Sadece Gidiş = One Way Only
  • Gidiş Dönüş = Return Trip
  • Bilet Satin Al = Buy a Ticket
  • Reservasyon Yap = Make a Reservation
  • Sefer Sorgula = Journey Enquiry

Batı Antalya
Batı Antalya is a major carrier in this part of Turkey.  You can reach them at the Kalkan bus station by phone on 0242 844 24 66 or mobile 0541 602 79 79.

They have a new website for 2010 at:  With our guide you should be able to find details of their schedules.

Useful translations for this website

  • Sefer Bilgileri = Journey Information
  • Güzergahlar = Routes
  • HAREKET SAATLERİ için tıklayınız = click here for DEPARTURE HOURS
  • FIYAT TARIFESI için tıklayınız = click here for PRICE LIST
  • Kalkış Yere = Starting Place
  • Varış Yere= Destination
  • Kalkış Saati = Starting Time
  • Varış Saati = Arrival Time
  • Ücret (YTL) = Fare
Pamukkale Tourism operates many routes in this part of Turkey.  You can reach them at the Kalkan bus station by phone on 0242 844 27 77 or mobile 0530 546 0715.

Their website is:  You can check times and destinations and even book online (Online Bilet) and obtain a small discount.  There is no option to see the website in English, but it is possible to work out the local schedules if you follow our guide below.

For journey information, from the main page, click on Sefer Sorgulama, or alternatively just go to this page to plan your journey:

Useful translations for this website

  • Sefer Sorgulama = Journey Route
  • Hareket Yeri = Starting Place
  • Varış Yeri = Destination
  • Hareket Tarihi = Date Going
  • Sefer Listele = List Journey Details

If you get this message: "Berlirtilen duraklar icin secilen gune ait mevcut seferimiz yoktur", it means there is no bus for the destination/day/time you requested.

Please see our report on a new service to Antalya, with effect from September 2010: Ulusoy News Article.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 May 2015