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It's a tonic for me through the winter to go onto your site,brings back some great memories.
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Knowledge Bank » Miscellaneous » Kalkan Climate & Seasons

Seasons of Kalkan PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 27 March 2009
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We all know there are four seasons in the calendar, but in Kalkan there is the tourist season and the rest of the year.  The main tourist season starts in April and starts winding down at the end of October, however over recent years the number of visitors 'out of season' has been increasing.  Christmas and New Year breaks seem particularly popular.

In the summer, the number of people in Kalkan rises to several thousand – perhaps as high as 10,000, including tourists and seasonal workers. 

In terms of the number of Turkish nationals who live here for just about all of the year, the official number is a little over 3,000 (as at 31st December 2010).  In addition, it is estimated that there are around 500 ex-pats living in Kalkan (winter 2010).  This estimate takes into account the number of non-Turkish residents who have obtained official residency (ikamet holders), and those who live here most of the time and renew their visa every three months.

The average temperature for Kalkan is around 16c, but in the summer the temperature averages between 35c & 40c.  Recent summers have seen some incredibly hot days - some claim to have recorded peak temperatures above 50c. 

In the winter it very rarely freezes in Kalkan, although it can be very wet - especially in January and February.  The winter months can also bring some exceptionally windy days, and even the occasional tornado!

The months just before and just after the main tourist season represent what KTLN calls the Goldilocks Zone - not too hot and not too cold.  Some would say these are the best times to be in Kalkan, providing you can put up with a little construction noise.

Click on this link to read more on Kalkan weather: KTLN article on weather

What's open?
Kalkan is a hive of activity in the summer months.  Our Business Directory contains over 400 local businesses that provide goods and services, including over 100 places to eat, most hotels, and 6 banks. 

There are easily over a hundred shops and boutiques, plus the Thursday outdoor market, not to mention the beach clubs, bars, boats for hire, and not forgetting the scores of estate agents and taxis. 

If you want to see where many of these businesses are located, try looking at the Kalkan Business Map.  You can find it in the Main Menu.

Out of season many restaurants and shops close, however as each year passes we have found more staying open to cater for the ex-pat residents and the increasing number of visitors who want to extend the traditional holiday year. 

Kalkan is an amazingly vibrant place to be in the summer, but it can be a real pleasure out of season too. If you visit out of season you may not see Kalkan in all its finery, but you will still find a warm welcome and a core number of businesses open to cater for your needs. 

Seasons for food
We tend to forget that fruit and vegetables have seasons.  To find out what is available at different times of the year in Kalkan, clcik on the following link: Fruit & Vegetable Seasons

Last Updated on Sunday, 18 March 2012