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... yourself. Two considerations - GIYKIMBIL and business tax Last year saw the local Jandarma starting to enforce the GIYKIMBIL rules, whereby rental properties must be registered with them, and details ...
Wednesday, 31 January 2018
... still early days but it’s a promising start. The full impact of the scheme for registering rental properties with the Jandarma (GIYKIMBIL), and the requirement to establish a business here in Turkey remains ...
Friday, 19 January 2018
... travelling in the direction of Kaş and the white car was leaving town and crossing the D400. The Jandarma attended along with a fire rescue truck and two ambulances.  A large crowd gathered as the casualties ...
Monday, 21 August 2017
It’s been a while since we wrote about crime in Kalkan and the work of the Jandarma.  Our last articles were in May and June. We have just had a meeting with our new Jandarma chief in Kalkan and his commanding ...
Saturday, 19 August 2017
... The good news is that the Jandarma soldiers are also out and about, and yesterday they had some success in capturing a burglar. We wanted to tell you how the Jandarma detained this suspect with help from ...
Saturday, 17 June 2017
... have had with the Jandarma in Kaş. The original report from 15th April 2017 has been archived but is available for viewing by clicking here. We hope that this new report clarifies some of the confusion ...
Tuesday, 06 June 2017
... you may see signs for a lower speed limit.  Interestingly there is a new sign in town advising of speed radar checks.  See the image below.  We spoke to the Traffic Jandarma and they confirmed that these ...
Thursday, 01 June 2017
... day traffic is prohibited, except for Police, Jandarma, the ambulance and fire services, and the forestry department.  Rubbish lorries will have unrestricted access too.  Businesses are required to ...
Monday, 15 May 2017
9. Watch out - burglars about
(News/Kalkan News)
...  at night. Last season we believe that burglaries were actually fewer in number - we base this on anecdotal evidence from property owners and also from conversations we have had with the Jandarma.  But ...
Thursday, 11 May 2017
... occured at about 05.20 this morning close to Yalı supermarket on Şehitler Caddesi.  The Jandarma are investigating what happened but we understand that there were no witnesses to the accident.  CCTV images ...
Tuesday, 25 April 2017
... We visited the Kalkan Jandarma to ask what people needed to do and set out what we were told in our article.  It all seemed so simple then.  It’s not so simple now. 16th March 2017 The Fethiye Times published ...
Saturday, 15 April 2017
12. What's New in Kalkan for 2017
(News/Kalkan News)
... work to complete the footpath that runs alongside the D400 Kaş/Fethiye road.  The path ran from the bus station towards the Jandarma station and then fizzled out, but now it goes all the way to the ...
Saturday, 08 April 2017
13. What's new in Kalkan for 2017
(News/What's New ın Kalkan)
... the D400 Kaş/Fethiye road.  The path ran from the bus station towards the Jandarma station and then fizzled out, but now it goes all the way to the junction that takes you off the D400 into town.  Across ...
Saturday, 08 April 2017
... of Kaş district (Kaymakam), Police and Jandarma chiefs, the local Muhtar and various Belediye officials. A number of Kalkan locals turned out to see the Provincial Governor before he continued on his ...
Wednesday, 05 April 2017
... that people will come to Kalkan, to eat, drink and be merry.  Check out our Guide to What's Open out of Season. You will receive a warm welcome, that's for sure, but the local Jandarma are appealing ...
Saturday, 03 December 2016
... which obliges property owners who have short term rentals to declare the details of visitors to the local Police/Jandarma.  It is effective immediately.
 Statutory Decree No. 678 was announced in the ...
Friday, 02 December 2016
17. Watch out - burglars about
(News/Kalkan News)
... night. This season we believe that burglaries have actually been fewer in number - we base this on anecdotal evidence from property owners and also from a recent meeting we had with the Jandarma. But ...
Monday, 17 October 2016
... as wonderful as ever. Here in our part of the Turquoise Coast, the reality is that we have had no terrorist attacks, no political problems, no migrant crisis, and according to the Jandarma commander there ...
Saturday, 03 September 2016
... please hand it in to the Jandarma.  If you have any information that could help to reunite the owner with his camera please get in touch.  Contact KTLN Kalkan Turkish Local News - your window on Kalkan ...
Monday, 01 August 2016
... on public gatherings, however in coastal tourist resorts like Kalkan and Kaş this has not happened and it is highly unlikely that we will see this. You may see more Police or Jandarma on the streets, ...
Thursday, 21 July 2016
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