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A very useful and delightful web site. I enjoy reading it. I find especially the web cams wonderful. Thanks for your efforts.
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Travis Kalanick, chief executive of ride-sharing service Uber, resigns following pressure from investors.More: BBC News - World  ...
Wednesday, 21 June 2017
... to the lesbians. Walker was granted three wishes in lieu of his £449 + VAT fee for professional services by a leprechaun whose...More: NewsBiscuit  ...
Monday, 19 June 2017
One person is arrested as emergency services deal with a "major incident" in Finsbury Park, north London.More: BBC News - UK  ...
Monday, 19 June 2017
... services.  This is the main reason given but there are a couple of interesting concomitant points. Firstly this move will be welcomed by those people in the Turkish hotel industry who have complained ...
Tuesday, 06 June 2017
... used to be the responsibility of the Belediye, but that all changed in April 2014 when this service was taken over by a company called ASAT.  The handover was not particularly smooth and no bills were ...
Wednesday, 24 May 2017
6. Wildflour Catering
(Business Directory/Food & Drink)
In home catering services in Kalkan.  BBQs, bespoke catering, cakes, desserts. Phone: 0543 936 7602 Email: Website:  ...
Thursday, 18 May 2017
... day traffic is prohibited, except for Police, Jandarma, the ambulance and fire services, and the forestry department.  Rubbish lorries will have unrestricted access too.  Businesses are required to ...
Monday, 15 May 2017
... another group leaving from the Kalkan Belediye Services building at 09.15. 11.00 - The Mayor will visit Üzümlü village. 15.00 - There will be a walk through Kalkan town.  The procession will start at ...
Thursday, 20 April 2017
... to keep a better track on people moving around Turkey and will make it easier to locate individuals who are of interest to the security services.  This is the main reason given. We have seen online statements ...
Saturday, 15 April 2017
...  Services building (Thursday market street) at 09.30.  If you are making your own way to the start at Delikkemer, head towards Fethiye on the D400, go over the brow of the hill and down the ...
Monday, 10 April 2017
... with that you may say; business is business, and yes they do offer some services that are valuable.  But many people would argue that their web sites are not as user friendly as they used to be and whilst ...
Monday, 20 March 2017
... comes from individuals or businesses working for a fee and they expressly say you must not use these services to complete applications. The DGMM announcement goes on to say that legal action will be taken ...
Thursday, 23 February 2017
... airlines, which are intended to improve international flight options at Dalaman.  It's also provided useful feedback for the airport itself on how customers rate the services provided. This KTLN analysis ...
Saturday, 18 February 2017
... if you wish to avail yourself of this service you should pop down to the PTT and claim your very own box. The Post Office (PTT) is located on Mustafa Kocakaya Caddesi behind the lottery booth and Safter's ...
Monday, 16 January 2017
15. Rentals: CV Villas
(Business Directory/Property)
...  Personal Service Our belief in old-fashioned personal service and meticulous attention to detail remains unchanged over the years – whether a client requests a bath with a view or a cook who can prepare ...
Monday, 09 January 2017
16. Rentals: Alternaatif Property
(Business Directory/Property)
Property for Sale/Lettings/Property Services Location: NEW FOR 2015 close to Belma's boutique and Cafe Leon in the old town Phone:: 0242 844 2277 Email: Website: ...
Monday, 09 January 2017
... all about it in this KTLN guide:  SGK - Universal Health Insurance It provides its subscribers with free medical services at state hospitals (Devlet Hastanesi) and at significantly discounted rates ...
Sunday, 08 January 2017
... including cattle and horses. In 1956/7 Enişte did his national service in the Turkish army.  In 1958 he got married to Alzamire, who came from Bezirgan.  They moved to Kalkan to live. In 1962 they bought ...
Monday, 02 January 2017
... from their new base at London Stansted Airport, by adding four new routes, including a new twice weekly Dalaman service. The four new routes are to Dalaman, Antalya, Corfu, and Split and flights are ...
Wednesday, 28 December 2016
... 86% of our readers are over 50 years of age. Having a medical check from time to time is not a bad idea.  Most people get their cars serviced and checked every year so isn’t it a good idea to get someone ...
Saturday, 10 December 2016
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