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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Osman Yıldız - boat captain Yıldız 1 and 2 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 10 August 2009

Osman and Zeynep Yıldız

Name / Adınız Soyadiniz
Osman Yıldız (seen here with his wife Zeynep)

Occupation / Mesleğiniz
Boat owner and captain - Yıldız 1 & 2.

Originally from / Doğum yeriniz

Family / Evlimisiniz ve çocuğunuz varmi
Married to Zeynep, with two beautiful daughters - Yıldız and Arifa.

What time do you get up? / Saat kaçta uyanırsınız
We all get up together at 7am.

What’s for breakfast? / Kahvaltıda ne seversiniz
We like traditional Turkish breakfast, with çay.

What time do you start work? / Saat kaçta çalışmaya başlarsiniz
We are down at the harbour by 8am.

What time do you stop work? / Saat kaçta işiniz biter
We head for home at around 11pm.  It's a long day.

How long have you done your current job? / Yaptiğiniz işi ne zamandir yapıyorsunuz
I have been operating the tour boats for 6 years.  Prior to that I have done quite a few different jobs in Kalkan.

For four years I worked in the Sevgi restaurant.  In 1994 I went to Germany for a while to learn the language, and when I returned I worked in the Han restaurant as a waiter.  From 1996 I ran the King restaurant for a while, (now the Aubergine).  

After that I decided to become a fisherman, and then in 2004 I moved into doing boat trips when I bought Yıldız 1.  In 2006 we bought a larger second boat, Yıldız 2.

What’s the best thing about your job? / Yaptiniz işte en sevdiği şey nedir
Three things.  Firstly, the fact that we can work together as a family.  Secondly, meeting interesting people and getting to know them.  And thirdly, the sea.  It is majestic and awesome and needs to be treated with respect, but I feel happy working in harmony with the sea.

Describe a typical day /  Bir gününüzün nasıl geçtini anlatirmisiniz
When Zeynep and I arrive at the harbour in the morning, I go and get all the supplies we will need for the day ahead, and Zeynep will start to prepare food in the galley.  I also check the weather forecast to make sure we are going to be able to put to sea.

Our passengers start to arrive between 9.00 and 10.00am, and once everyone is aboard we leave Kalkan harbour and head for various bays in the area.  During the day we will make a number of stops, so that people can swim, or maybe visit the local beach where they can cover themselves in mud.  (It is supposed to be theraputic).  We might even try a bit of fishing.

Along the way we provide drinks and a meal, plus afternoon tea and cake - all very civilised.

In the late afternoon we head back to port, and tie up in our usual spot.  Once our guests are safely disembarked, we set to work cleaning the boat, making sure it is ready for the next day.  I also check the fuel and our drinking water supplies and top them up when necessary.

We spend the rest of our evening on the boat so that we are on hand to deal with potential customers who may be thinking about taking a boat trip.  We can explain all about the day and take bookings. I also check the weather forecast for the following day.

Do the seasons make a difference with your work?  If so, how? /  Yazın işinizde değişiklik oluyormu? Oluyorsa anlatın?
Yes, they do.  The boats were returned to the water this year on 27th April, having been lifted out of the water last November.  During the winter months we carry out maintenance on the boats, and repair and renew as required.  We sometimes go fishing, but we also take time to relax as a family, and rest.

In the main tourist season it is our aim to be out at sea as often as possible, so we take as many bookings as we can.  I enjoy being busy in the main season, but the days are long and it is a big responsibility taking people out to sea - you have to concentrate all the time.

What makes you happy? /  Sizi en çok ne mutlu eder
As I said earlier, being with my family, meeting so many interesting people, and being able to work with the sea.  That is a good combination I think.

If you were not doing this job, what else would you like to do? /  Şu anki yaptiğiniz işi yapmıyor olsaydiniz ne iş yapmek isterdiniz
I have done quite a few jobs since I left school, but there is nothing else I would rather do than my current job.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know. /  Kendinizle ilgili bir çok insanın bilmediği bir şeyi anlatırmısınız
When I was in the army doing my national service I was trained as a commando.

Anything else / Başka her hangi birşey
My boats are called Yıldız, which means 'star' in Turkish.

Last Updated on Saturday, 08 August 2009