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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Mid Rate FYI
Updated: 4 days ago
Buy GBP: 5.7300
Buy EUR: 4.9900
Buy USD: 4.0400

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We love your website, particularly the news and the web cameras.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 March 2009

Help!  I can't register with you.  How do I do it?
Please get in touch with us, using the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.  We will help you.

Help! I have forgotten my password / User Name. How can I log in?
Don't worry.  We can get you logged in again.  It's easy.

Just click on this link for help: Help me to log in to KTLN

Why have you set this site up?
We wanted to bring Kalkan lovers something new and different.  There are lots of websites dedicated to Kalkan, mostly business websites trying to promote a hotel, or rent you a car, or an estate agent trying to sell you a villa. 

At KTLN we are not trying to sell you anything.  We are simply trying to provide lots of useful and interesting information about Kalkan in one place.

We also found that some websites appear to provide lots of useful information, but upon closer examination this 'information' is either plain wrong, or the good stuff is indistinguishable from rumour, gossip and badly researched guesswork.  KTLN aims to raise the bar in terms of accuracy and quality of information.

We think choice and variety is a good thing.  We hope that you will find something that interests you on our site.  Also see our article on the KTLN Brand.

Why do we have to register to use it?
We want to know how popular the site is, and which articles people find interesting or useful.  In order to do that we need to ask you to be a member. 

It's quite easy to do, and secure.  We guarantee not to disclose your personal details to any third party.

Whilst we would like you to register as a member, it's not compulsory!  It's entirely up to you.  If you are happy just to look at our public content, that's fine. 

Why am I asked to register every time I log in?
You should only have to register once.  When you register a cookie is stored on your computer so that we recognise you the next time you visit us, and you are automatically given access.  If your security settings are at a level that does not allow cookies we won't recognise you when you come back to the site. 

No personal information is stored in the cookie and it is perfectly safe (and normal) to accept cookies when surfing the web.  If you want to know what a cookie is please look here Cookies explained

How do the Kalkan Town Location Codes (KTLC) work?
We introduced the KTLC system in February 2012.  The codes work in a similar way to post codes or zip codes.

Please refer to the KTLC User Guide for more information.

What is the KTLN Feedback box for?
Found on the left hand side of the home page, it is there for brief instant messages.

We have completely relaxed our rules on what can go in here.  By all means, use it to give us feedback on the KTLN web site, but if you want to ask questions, (or answer them), feel free to do so.

There are only two things we ask.  We expect people to treat others with respect and courtesy, and secondly, we don't wish to see recommendations for specific Kalkan businesses, as this is not in keeping with the KTLN stance, on being neutral and impartial.

If you have any comments about any of our articles, or you need an answer to a Kalkan question, why not visit the Kalkan Turkish Local News Facebook page

We reserve the right to remove comments.

Does KTLN have an iPod application?
Yes.  If you want to read KTLN on your portable device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry etc), we have created a view especially for you at www.iKalkan.com. You can read about it here: iKalkan

Why does KTLN have a Facebook page?
We only really began using our Facebook page in April 2011.  We are giving it a try to see if it helps promote the main KTLN website. 

We have no intention of duplicating content on Facebook.  All our content will continue to be delivered on the main Kalkan Turkish Local News website.  We will put links on Facebook, back to the main website, to highlight some of our more interesting or useful articles.

Our Facebook page is somewhere that people can give us feedback on our content. 

By the way, we are now on Twitter too!  @KTLNKalkan

Is the KTLN website safe to use?
Yes it is.  This website is safe to visit.  But don't just take our word for it.  Click here for an independent Symantec (Norton) report on KTLN.

Where are your webcams?
These have changed over the years.  Here are some details about our current webcams.

In July 2009 we set up the Mavi Bilgisayar webcam on the second floor of the old Belediye office, on Kocakaya Caddesi.  This looks out on the roundabout at the top of the old town.

On 30th December 2010 we introduced the Aubergine 'Patlı-cam', providing a harbour view.

On 24th April 2011 we launched the Korsan webcam which provides a great view of Kalkan Bay from the roof terrace of Korsan Fish Terrace.

Finally, on 9th July 2015 we introduced a HD webcam which is hosted by Mavi Estates, which looks up the street past Moonlight Bar, the post office and towards the roundabout.

Can we have more webcams?
We don't plan to set up any more, but if you have a webcam in Kalkan, or know of a webcam that KTLN members may like to see, do let us know because we may be able to take a feed, and include it on the KTLN webcam home page.  You can get in touch using the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.

What are the star ratings for?
Each article on this website can be awarded a star rating.  They are not important for ordinary articles, however we would like members to use the rating system for businesses in our Business Directory. 

So if you have had great service from a shop, restaurant, or any other business, why not give it a good star rating to let others know.  One star is not so good and five stars is excellent.  You could also give star ratings for Places to Visit - not a rating on our article, but on the place itself.

Our system will only allow you to vote once, although we do reset everything before the start of a new season.  Ratings from previous years are retained.

Please click carefully, and be fair in your marking.  The more of you that vote, the more useful the ratings.

Can I advertise my property for rent on KTLN?
The short answer to that question, is no.  KTLN has made a conscious decision to steer clear of property, because frankly, there are so many property rental websites, and estate agent websites already out there.  Why would we want to add to the throng?

We think it makes a pleasant change to have a Kalkan website that isn't dedicated to flogging you something.

Are you going to have any pages in Turkish?
There are no current plans to do this.  To translate the site would be a major undertaking.  Plus, Kalkan already has an online local news service in Turkish.

The only exception to this is Kalkan Town Location Codes (KTLC), where we do have pages in Turkish.

Where are the Classified Adverts?
This feature was not really used and has been discontinued.

I can only see the first few lines of your Local News articles.  Why?
On the Local News summary page if we have a long article we only show the first few paragraphs.  To read the full article simply click on the title of the article, or click on Read more...

Some of your Business Directory entries have photos, but others don't.  Why is that?
Keeping a website up to date is an ongoing task.  We are trying to fill any gaps, but we may miss a few.  If there are any KTLN members out there who have good exterior photographs of any Kalkan businesses, we would be happy to take a look.  Please contact us.

I clicked on a link to another website, but it doesn't work.  Why is that?
We provide links to many websites that we think will be of interest to our members.  However, we are not responsible for the content of other websites, and they may change or remove a web page without us knowing. 

It could also be the case that the server of the website you want to look at has a temporary problem.  If you give it time and try again, it may work.

If you find a link on our website that does not work, please tell us and we will investigate.

Kalkan Turkish Local News - your window on Kalkan Turkey.


Love KTLN. Love Kalkan.

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