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Register your contact details with the Jandarma PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 June 2010

At a meeting in Kaş for foreign residents, the Chief of Police outlined a local initiative to improve emergency response times.  This was further explained at another foreigner's meeting at the Kalkan Jandarma station, held in October 2010.

Kalkan Turkish Local News has been discussing the scheme with the Kalkan Jandarma, and we give details below of a voluntary scheme, specifically designed for foreigners in Kalkan.

But first, some background as to why this voluntary scheme is being introduced. 

When we say 'emergency', for the purposes of this scheme, we are talking about some kind of problem at your Kalkan property.  The most likely scenario would be some kind of break in or theft.  But it could also be helpful in other situations. 

Exactly how secure is your Kalkan property?
The local Jandarma has come up with a simple, 12 point questionnaire, to assess how secure your property is.  Why not take the test now?  Click here to take the test

In an emergency situation, as a foreigner in Kalkan, it can be difficult to get prompt help from the emergency services.  

A number of things:

  • In stressful conditions, it is hard to think straight, and know what to do.
  • The language barrier - you may not speak Turkish, and the emergency services may not always be able to understand you.
  • Even if you can make yourself understood, it can be difficult providing accurate directions to your property.  Do you know your full address in Kalkan?  Even if you do, there is no guarantee that the Jandarma will know precisely where you are.

If the Jandarma don't turn up quickly, there is less prospect of them catching the offender(s), and any stolen property being returned.

You provide the Kalkan Jandarma with some basic details about you and your property, including a map describing your location.  The Jandarma logs this, and gives you a unique Emergency ID number.  

In an emergency situation at your property, when you call the Jandarma for help, you give them your Emergency ID number, and by checking their records, they know exactly where you are.  (They have a big map of Kalkan on a wall, showing all the ID numbers).

You don't need to worry about providing directions in a foreign language, and the Jandarma don't have to worry about knowing how to locate you.

See details below for the phone number to call in an emergency.

This should mean quicker response times to emergency call outs, bringing a better prospect of criminals being apprehended, and stolen property (if any), being recovered.

By providing next of kin details, it may also be useful in the event of some kind of serious accident.

An informal and voluntary system
It is important to say that this is not part of a national, 'official' government scheme.  It is a local, Kalkan initiative, designed to provide a practical solution to a real problem.  

And it is entirely voluntary.  If you think it may help, feel free to submit your details.  If for any reason you don't want to - that's fine.  It's your choice.

How do I register my details?
KTLN has made it easy for you.  We have created a form (below), which has been reviewed and agreed with the Jandarma.  It is a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 

Once you have completed your form, you can hand it in to the Jandarma station in Kalkan.  They will provide you with your Emergency ID number, which you should quote in an emergency.  Make a note of it, and keep it somewhere safe.

It is not possible to email details directly to the Kalkan Jandarma.

Google Map and co-ordinates
In addition to the general details that you provide in the Excel form, you must also submit a map showing your location.  You can easily get one online from Google maps.  Print off a map and put a big cross where your property is.

The form asks you to provide Google Map co-ordinates.  These are helpful, but a map is probably more useful.  Geographical co-ordinates do enable your property to be located with accuracy, so if you can provide them, it's not a bad idea.  But if you can't, don't worry - just hand in your map, and your form, without co-ordinates.

KTLN has tried to make it easy to get your property co-ordinates.  Here is what you do. 

First of all, click on to the following KTLN link.  Find Your Co-ordinates Here.  You will see a Google map.  Note - you must be logged in as a KTLN member to use this facility.

If you can't see a satellite image, click on 'Sat', in the top right corner.  Using the zoom facility, slowly move the red marker, (by clicking and dragging it), until it is exactly on your property. 

Above the map image you will notice a box that displays the co-ordinates - for example: 36.271963,29.417586.  Copy and paste these numbers into the Excel spreadsheet, on row 16.

Who to call in an emergency
Please refer to our Emergency Situations - Advice section in our Main Menu, on the KTLN home page.

If the emergency relates to theft or robbery, select the Theft, Robbery & Loss of Property article.

Remember, that only the Kalkan Jandarma have your contact details, so if you initially phone the standard, three digit emergency number (112 or 156), you will get through to a switchboard, and they will not be aware of this local initiative. 

You can only use your Emergency ID number when speaking to the Kalkan Jandarma. 

Their direct number is 0242 844 3005. 

Our advice is to use this direct number, so that you know you are going straight through to the local Jandarma station.  Why not add it to your mobile phone contacts.

Can't download the KTLN form?
The KTLN form was designed for Kalkan residents, however if you are in another town, simply remove the reference to Kalkan and replace it with the name of your town.

If you have trouble downloading the spreadsheet, you can create your own document by reference to the following. Here are the details the Jandarma would like you to provide:

Separate details for each resident
Your name
Residency number (if applicable)
Passport number
Email address
Turkish mobile number
Foreign mobile number (e.g. UK)
Kalkan / Ka
ş house phone number

Turkish property details
Villa or Apartment name
Road or Street
Area of Kalkan/
Plot number
Google co-ordinates (not essential if you supply a map)

Overseas property details
House name or number
Post Code

Local keyholder details
Mobile number
Email address

Next of kin
Foreign mobile phone number
Foreign house phone number
Email address

Name of Turkish alarm company (if applicable)

Important Disclaimer
Kalkan Turkish Local News supports this initiative by Kaş Police and the Kalkan Jandarma.  We believe it can make a positive difference.  However, the scheme is not operated by KTLN, and we cannot provide any guarantees as to the operation or administration of this scheme.  Kalkan Turkish Local News accepts no liability or responsibility, in connection with the scheme.

We recommend that you personally deliver your details to the Jandarma in Kalkan.

Please note: If you wish to join the scheme, but prefer to prepare your own details, rather than using the KTLN form, please go ahead.  Whilst the KTLN form has been agreed with the Kalkan Jandarma, we have no reason to believe that you cannot submit your own details in a different format.  It's up to you.

To download the KTLN form, click on the file below.

KTLN - your window on Kalkan Turkey.

Love KTLN.  Love Kalkan.

Download this file (Kalkan Contact Details Final.xls)Kalkan Contact Details Final.xls[Kalkan Contact Details V2]42 Kb551 Downloads

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