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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Turkish residency fees slashed from 1st April 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 April 2011

British Embassy in Turkey
Breaking News: Kalkan Turkish Local News has been speaking to the British Embassy about residency, visas and Universal Health Insurance (UHI).

In this report we bring you the latest developments, including some fantastic news on residency fees.

The British Embassy website has been updated - link given below. We assure you, this is not an April 1st joke!

Residence Permit Fees for UK Nationals
Following a number of meetings between British Embassy officials and the Turkish authorities over recent months, the Turkish Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have now confirmed changes to residency fees.

They have agreed to the British Ambassador’s request to reduce the residence permit fees for British nationals to the equivalent of 60 euros/US$80 per annum, with effect from 1 April 2011. That's a whopping cut of 88%.

Fees will be charged in Turkish lira, at the equivalent of $25 for one month and $5 per month for each subsequent month. You can apply for a maximum of 5 years at a time. 

Here are costs for 1 to 5 years residency, using a US$/GBP exchange rate of 1.6, as at April 2011.

  • 1 year = US$80 = £50
  • 2 years = US$140 = £88
  • 3 years = US$200 = £125
  • 4 years = US$260 = £163
  • 5 years = US$320 = £200

Your residency book (ikamet), still costs 149TL, (no change), and you can have up to 4 residency periods in one book.  Some ill informed people interpret this as meaning a person can only stay in Turkey for a maximum of 20 years (4 x 5 years).  However, the limit of 4 applications is per ikamet book. If and when you apply for a 5th time, you simply have to buy a new book.

The amount of money that you need to have, as capital or pension income remains the same, at the equivalent of US$500 per month. That's roughly £4,000 a year.  This is to demonstrate to the authorities, that you can support yourself, financially.

All Police stations dealing with residency applications have received new instructions, however please bear in mind that it sometimes takes a while for all the details to filter down to front line staff.  We have had reports of some confusion at Kemer.

High level meetings pay dividends
The announcement coincided with a visit to the UK by Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyıp Erdo
ğan, who is meeting with UK Prime Minister, David Cameron.

KTLN understands that had the matter not been resolved, it was a subject that was on David Cameron's agenda to discuss. Now they have more time to talk about other important matters!

If you recall, the sudden withdrawal of the new visa rules last July, coincided with David Cameron's visit to Turkey!  It seems that when our leaders meet, things happen!

Thank you to the negotiating team
KTLN thinks that the British Ambassador, and his team deserve great credit for negotiating this good deal for British expats. And we also think this shows a really positive and constructive approach by the Turkish government, which should be applauded. At a stroke, it takes the wind out of the sails of those whingers who bleat on about the Turkish government making things hard for expats.

We are informed that this price will hold good for 12 months, at which point it will be reviewed. However, our source within the British Embassy understands it is likely that the costs will remain broadly the same, for the forseeable future.

Finally, on this subject.  Spare a thought for the people of Meis, and the ferry boat people in Kaş.  Not a good day for them.

Turkish Visa System
The Turkish authorities have not yet set a firm date for implementation of the 90/180 day visa scheme. The British Embassy continues to ask for a notification period of 3 months in advance, and for an expiry date to be placed on the visa sticker.

They have pointed out how confusing it is for British nationals to receive visa stickers which state that they are valid for 90/180 days but which are actually valid for just 90 days.

So, to recap, for the time being, the old rules apply, even if you have one of the new stickers.

We try not to speculate too much on KTLN, but having discussed this with the British Embassy, we believe it may be the autumn, before we see any changes.  But don't hold us to that.

Healthcare - Universal Health Insurance (UHI)
Confusion continues as to whether UHI is compulsory for British residents.

British Embassy officials are meeting with the Ministry of Health & Social Security on 7th April to seek clarification.

When we hear of developments, you will be able to read all the details, here on KTLN.

To read more about this on the British Embassy in Turkey website, click on this link: Update for British nationals resident in Turkey

The comprehensive KTLN guide to obtaining residency, (for those living in Kalkan), has now been updated.  Click here to go to the article: Obtaining Residency  


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Last Updated on Monday, 04 April 2011