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The KTLN Kalkan guide to what's open out of season 2011/2012 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 November 2011

Kalkan out of seasonArticle updated from time to time: As we approach the end of the main tourist season, many people are interested to know what remains open in Kalkan over the autumn and winter months.

We have heard it said that Kalkan all but closes down for the winter, however this is simply not true. Some elements do shut down of course, but more than ever, lots of businesses are staying open.

As you will see below, well over a quarter of places to eat and drink in Kalkan will remain open this year.*

Unfortunately, we don't have time to check with every single business, but feedback suggests that you are particularly interested in places to eat and drink, so that is where we focus in this article.

Please note that even though some businesses remain open, their opening hours may not be the same as in season. Many of them will close earlier than they would do in the main tourist season.  Please check before you go.

If you spot any mistakes or omissions in this report, please let us know and we will update it.

Non Food & Drink establishments
Most of the shops selling gifts, ceramics, leather goods and jewellery, are closed out of season, however a small number do remain open for business.

Shops selling household goods, such as the Arçelik shop by the traffic lights, remain open out of season, as do a small number of clothes shops, such as Vessila & Brako.

You will also find fruit and vegetable shops open, and of course, the Thursday market comes to town every week, although you will notice that there are fewer stall-holders selling goods.

Virtually all of the boats come out of the water at the end of the season, (usually in November), so it is highly unlikely that you will be able to take a boat trip.  However it is possible to go sea kayaking, and a swimming group is hoping to get going soon.

Most hotels close at the end of October, however we know that the following hotels remain open out of season: Nur Hotel; Patara Prince Hotel and Pirat Hotel.

The banks and supermarkets in town remain open for business, as usual. You will also find that most car hire firms stay open for business, as do the petrol stations in and around Kalkan.

The PTT (Post Office) has already reverted to normal business hours - 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Food & Drink establishments
Here is what we think you will find if you wish to eat out in Kalkan, from November 2011 onwards.

Please note that this information reflects the intentions of managers/owners at the time of publication, but circumstances may change.  Some places may decide to close if there are not enough customers.

You may also find that some of the following businesses do take a short break at some stage during the winter months.

PLACES OPEN IN KALKAN - WINTER 2011/2012 (Updated from time to time)
  • Ada Patisserie Cafe Bistro
  • Adam's (Kaş Road)
  • Adana (new - formerly where Oz Adana was)
  • Akdeniz
  • Akin Pizza & Pasta
  • Ali Baba Lokanta (near PTT)
  • Ali's Fish Restaurant & Market
  • Arda Doğa restaurant (Live Turkish music every Friday evening)
  • Aubergine 
  • Ayse's Turkish Kitchen
  • Begonvil Cafe (Christmas & New Year only)
  • Bezirgan's Kitchen
  • Cafe Ev (New for 2011)
  • Cafe Leon (Friday, Saturday, Sunday only)
  • Cafe Vita (Short break in February 2012)
  • Chillies
  • Yalı Lounge & Cafe (formerly where Çınar Bar was)
  • Doy Doy
  • Doyum
  • Evimiz (Our Home)
  • Fener (Lighthouse)
  • Hünkar Ocakbaşı Pide & Kebabs (New for 2011)
  • Iso's Kitchen
  • Kalamaki (Until 20th November, then closed. Then open for Christmas & New Year.)
  • Kaya (May be closed for a few weeks)
  • Kleo Bar (May be closed for a few weeks)
  • Küçük Ev
  • La Sera (New management - Cenk from Parc Kalkan. Dancing every Friday at 10pm.)
  • Meydan Adana
  • Mussakka (on the harbour)
  • Nur Pastaneleri
  • Ottoman House
  • Oz Adana (Relocated to D400 junction where Luka used to be)
  • Parc Kalkan
  • Pinar Bufe (behind town beach - hours may depend on the weather)
  • Pisces
  • Sultan Çorba & Kebab
  • Swan Public House
  • Trio (Christmas & New Year)

One other thing to mention is that we have updated all the eating places in our Business Directory, to show which ones will be open out of season.

Afiyet olsun!

Other news
Oz Adana is about to move, from just round the corner from Teskom supermarket, up to the place where Luka restaurant used to be, close to the D400 junction.  Their last day at the old location will be Wednesday 2nd November, and it will be a couple of weeks before they are ready to open at the new place.  Their phone number remains the same.

So there you have it.  Kalkan out of season.  Many business owners and workers may be taking a well earned rest, but there are still plenty of establishments open for business.

If you have not tried Kalkan out of season, why not give it a try?  Christmas and New Year are especially popular, and quite busy, but the rest of the time is very relaxed and quiet.  Some people would say Kalkan is at its most charming out of season.

Temperatures are comfortable during the day, but cool at night.  The mountain walking is fantastic between November and April, and a few hardy souls still find it possible to swim in the sea.  And as you can see from our report, there are more places than ever to eat and drink, out of season.

* Above, we say that well over a quarter of restaurants will be open.  There are 38 businesses in the list above.  And despite some people insisting there are hundreds of places to eat in Kalkan, we reckon there are 124, plus hotel restaurants. 

If you think we have missed a restaurant, cafe or bar in our Business Directory, please drop us a line.


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Last Updated on Saturday, 03 December 2011