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Monday, April 23, 2018
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First time to Kalkan? Let KTLN be your guide PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 18 March 2012

Kalkan TurkeyIs this your first time to Kalkan?  If so, welcome.  We wish you a wonderful holiday.

Established in 2009, Kalkan Turkish Local News (KTLN) is an online resource for everyone who comes to Kalkan, or lives in Kalkan.  It's especially useful for first timers.

In this article we explain how KTLN can help you get the most of your time, whilst you are here.

You made a good choice
The first thing we should say, is that you have made a good choice.  Kalkan is a gem of a place on the Turquoise Coast of south west Turkey.

But don't just take our word for it.  Have a look at the latest KTLN Kalkan Survey, where hundreds of people gave their verdict.

However, we do have a warning for you.  Prepare to be smitten.  We have lost count of the number of people who have told us they never, ever returned to the same holiday destination - until they came to Kalkan, that is.

Kalkan Turkey

Korsan webcamGet in the holiday mood before you set off
If you want to get into the holiday spirit, before you arrive in Kalkan, we recommend taking a daily dose of KTLN. 

Most days, we publish a news story, letting you know what is happening locally.  Sometimes our news items are more general, and may relate to Turkey, as a whole.

Another way to get into Kalkan mode whilst you are still at home, is to look at our webcams.  KTLN has a couple of cameras, in different parts of town, providing interesting views to whet you appetite.

But KTLN is much more than just news and webcams.  Read on to find out what else we offer.

Travelling to Turkey
If you are only just thinking about booking your flights, check out the popular KTLN Flights & Travel Information page: Kalkan Flights.

We also recommend a look at the KTLN Kalkan guide to cheap travel.

iKalkan.comTravellers checklist
Before you leave home, you may like to look at our helpful checklist.  Scroll down to to the bottom of this article to see the PDF document, which you can download to your computer, and print off.

Lots of people stay connected to the internet, when they travel.  If you are bringing a mobile device, such as an iPad, iPhone or Blackberry, you can get KTLN in a mobile-friendly format with www.ikalkan.com - see image, left. 

A tip for you: please take care with mobile data roaming charges, (very expensive), and make full use of the free WiFi signals available all over Kalkan. 

Regarding buying currency, people tell us that you tend to get a better rate exchanging currency in Kalkan, but you can check this for yourself, by looking at the rates offered on the streets of Kalkan.  You will find this exclusive feature on the right hand side of the KTLN home page.

Dalaman aairportDriving to Kalkan
Most Kalkan visitors arrive via Dalaman airport, with a smaller number coming through Antalya airport.

However you arrive in Turkey, you will have to travel by road to Kalkan, (unless you are a sailor).  If you are on a package holiday, your travel company will have organised a transfer for you.  If you need to organise your own journey, here is a helpful KTLN link.

Kalkan Airport Transfers - it gives details of your options for road travel, including up to date directions from Dalaman airport, if you wish to drive yourself.  Also included, is a link to our Business Directory, providing a comprehensive list of transfer companies and car hire businesses.

If you arrive during the day, look out for the amazing view of the town and the bay, with Mouse & Snake Islands, on your right, as you approach Kalkan.  If you arrive at night, you will get this 'wow factor' when you wake up in the morning.

KTLCDo you know exactly where you are staying?
It may seem an odd question, but if it is your first time in Kalkan, do you know the location of your hotel, villa or apartment?

An address on it's own may not be that helpful.  And, saying you are 10 minutes from the beach is not always a great indicator.  10 minutes for who?  Linford Christie or a family of 4?

KTLN can help you.  We have recently introduced the Kalkan Town Location Code (KTLC), which works a bit like a post code, or zip code.  

The vast majority of places in Kalkan have a KTLC.  Ask for the code, for the place you are staying, then search for it on the KTLC map.  Easy!  It's freely available on the KTLN website, and it only takes a minute to find.

Kalkan divingPlanning things to do
When you come to Kalkan, the chances are you want to relax and chill out. 

And whilst you may not want to have a strict timetable, it's not a bad idea to have a few thoughts about what you can do and where you can go.

If you look in the KTLN Knowledge Bank, you will find lots of articles on things to do and places to go.

We would also point you to these specific pages:

Kalkan Beaches - All you need to know about beaches and beach clubs.

Kalkan Boat Trips - A must for all visitors. Find out more here.

Kalkan Car Hire - Some advice on car and scooter rental.

Kalkan Diving - Immerse yourself in the details - right here.

Kalkan Restaurants - The most comprehensive and up to date list available.

Kalkan Watersports - See what you can do, with H2O.

Find your way round town
To be honest, part of the fun when visiting Kalkan, is to wander round town, and discover the delights hidden round every corner, as you meander in and out of the streets.  We recommend it as part of the Kalkan experience.

But sometimes, you may need to find something specific. To help you, KTLN provides a comprehensive and up to date Kalkan Business Directory.

You may also find our Kalkan Town Location Code (KTLC) map useful - as mentioned earlier.

Kalkan weatherWeather watch
KTLN has its very own weather forecast, which you can find on the right hand side of our home page.

Here are a couple of other useful pages, providing a bit more background to the climate and weather of Kalkan.

Kalkan Weather - More than just the forecast.  Shows monthly weather statistics.

Kalkan Seasons - Kalkan is amazing all year round. Find out more.

Emergency Information
Nobody likes to think about things going wrong, but from time to time, problems can arise.

Be prepared, by taking a few minutes to check out our Emergency Situations advice page.

We know many Kalkan property owners who have printed off these pages, for the benefit of their visiting guests.  We update the articles from time to time, so if you are an owner who has printed off these pages before, you may want to review the content, to make sure you have the latest version.

Leaving Kalkan
Departing from Dalaman?  KTLN members can take advantage of two exclusive offers that we have negotiated with Dalaman airport.  Find out more here: KTLN Exclusive Offers

Republic DayKeep in touch
Don't be surprised if on your journey home, you find yourself thinking about a return trip.  Many people get the Kalkan bug.

If you do miss the place, remember that you can still watch our web cams and keep in touch with what's going on, by reading KTLN. 

We also have the brilliant Kalkan Virtual Tour - a nice reminder of your time in Kalkan, through some amazing 360 degree panoramas.

Finally, you can check out the Kalkan Drive video on YouTube.  Filmed in October 2016 we meander through the streets of Kalkan old town.  Look out for your favourite places.

KTLN is always there for you, as your window on Kalkan.  It's the next best thing to being here! 


Kalkan Turkish Local News - your window on Kalkan Turkey.

Katie Ellen
Love KTLN.  Love Kalkan

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