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Monday, April 23, 2018
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I love the site! I love visiting it just to see what I'm missing!
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The KTLN Community on Facebook - be a part of it PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 March 2012

KTLN Community on FacebookBack in May 2011, Kalkan Turkish Local News set up a Facebook page.

Thus far we have mainly used it to let people know what news stories we are publishing.

We have not really tried to maximise its potential as a means of Kalkan lovers communicating with each other, but now that is exactly what we want to do.

Questions and answers
We realise that Kalkan visitors and residents have lots of questions to ask about their favourite place.  We also know that many of you are very happy to answer questions, and give advice, based upon your own experiences.

So, we would like to invite all KTLN members, who are Facebook members to use the Kalkan Turkish Local News Facebook page, as a community support facility, where you can talk to each other, in a safe and friendly environment.

KTLN Community on FacebookMyKalkan.com
Think of it as your Kalkan Club: in fact if you want an easy way to remember the page, just type mykalkan.com in your web browser.

It's where members can drop by, have a chat, exchange views, provide tips and recommendations and generally help and support fellow Kalkan lovers.

Simple rules
We don't have a long list of rules.  The main requirement is that everyone is respectful, and helpful to each another.

Trolling (the deliberate winding up of people), is unlikely to happen as nobody can hide behind nicknames, and you won't get any spammers trying to sell you fake bags!

We don't mind genuine recommendations, and you can post any links you like, if you think it will be helpful, but we will be on the lookout for blatant advertising, and self-promotion.  It's just common sense really.

A community facility
The KTLN team will be there to help with any questions, but the emphasis is really on this being a community facility, which is backed up by the wealth of information, and up to date news contained in the main Kalkan Turkish Local News web site. 

We want you to participate. If you have a question, just ask.  If you can answer a question, even better.  If you have a comment - tell us.

TransferWithMe.comTransfer sharing
We don't recommend using Facebook, or any social networking site to seek airport transfer shares, as it is not great from a personal security perspective. 

Far better, and certainly more efficient, to use our sister website, www.TransferWithMe.com. It's free to use.  Over 150 matches were achieved in its first season!

Recent examples
Here are just a few examples of some of the questions that we have answered on the KTLN Community  Facebook page, recently:

KTLN on FacebookHas anyone got the up-to-date tel. no. for ESNAF Hospital. I have tried ringing the nos. given on their leaflet with no luck. Thanks.

KTLN on FacebookCan anyone tell me the time of the Havaş bus from Fethiye Otogar to Dalaman Airport please. I am travelling on Friday, 06 April & check in opens at 12.00 noon.

KTLN on FacebookCan you help- I am a professional angler in Scotland, do you have contact details for someone in Kalkan who organises good sea fishing trips? I'm coming in mid April. Thanks

KTLN on FacebookHave just noted that there is a discount scheme for Dalaman Airport lounge for members. However it is only until 26th August....will this be extended,ie i would use it late September? [Not true, by the way - there is no expiry date].
KTLN on Facebookdoes anyone know of a little place about 20 mins from Kalkan that I have been told about , can't remember the name but was told it is as nice as Kalkan so would love to find it , any ideas guys ?

Not a Facebook person?
Facebook is popular, but it's not everyone's cup of tea.  So, if you really don't fancy joining the KTLN Community on Facebook, we do have an alternative for you.

KTLN members will know we have a feedback box on our home page.  It's under the main menu on the left side of the page.  We have decided to loosen up on the use of this feature.

So think of the feedback box now as an alternative community area, where members can help each other out.  The rules are light touch.  We simply ask people to treat each other with consideration and respect. 

The only other thing we ask, is that as this is on the main KTLN website, we don't wish to see recommendations for specific Kalkan businesses.  This is because we are committed to maintaining the neutrality, and impartiality of our website.

The KTLN Community on Facebook - make it yours
Please drop by to say hello.  We already have over 600 people who Like our Facebook page.  Why not join them?

Make the KTLN Community on Facebook your second stop of the day, after you have visited the main Kalkan Turkish Local News web site. 

We promise you a warm welcome.  


Kalkan Turkish Local News - your window on Kalkan Turkey.

Love KTLN.  Love Kalkan

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Last Updated on Friday, 30 March 2012