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Game Ova - Crime and honesty PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 July 2012

Burglars arrestedThis report is 100% good news.

We bring you details of the arrest of three burglars, and also a story which reaffirms our faith in human nature.

Firstly, we can confirm that for three brothers from nearby Ova, it's "Game Over".

The trio were arrested yesterday, (Sunday) on suspicion of being involved in a number of burglaries in Kalkan over recent weeks.

They were questioned yesterday evening, then two of them were held overnight at the Kalkan Jandarma station, whilst the third was held in Kaş.  Today, all three will appear before a judge in Kaş.

Identified from mug shots
The suspected burglars came face to face with a villa owner during an attempted break in, and the victim was subsequently asked to look through a book of mug shots, of previously convicted offenders.  He was able to positively identify the brothers from these photos.

As a result of this, Jadarma soldiers were dispatched to find and arrest them.

Unfortunately, it would seem that there is little hope of recovering any stolen items, as these appear to have been promptly passed on to associates for "disposal".

KTLN understands that the burglars drove round the streets of Kalkan to identify potential target properties, so once again we would ask KTLN readers who are in Kalkan to remain vigilant, and report anything that appears suspicious.

Honesty pays
We turn now from dishonest people, to honest ones.

KTLN has heard from a couple of Kalkan fans, Brian and Hazel, who were happy to share their good news story with us.

Brian and Hazel have visited Kalkan on at least 20 occasions, and have always been struck by the warmth and friendliness of the locals.

This positive view was further strengthened recently, when an honest taxi driver managed to reunite their daughter Cathy, with her bag.

Cathy with her childrenA taxi ride from the market
Hazel and Cathy had been to the Thursday market, and took a taxi home.  They disembarked from the taxi, and as they were about to enter their apartment, the taxi driver came down their stairs to ask if they had left a bag behind.  Without really checking, they said no, and went inside.

Later that day, as they were about to go out for an evening meal, Cathy, (pictured left), realised she did not have her bag, which contained passports, money and a mobile phone, amongst other things.  She ran down to the taxi rank.

When she got there, to her great relief, the bag had been handed in by the taxi driver.  The driver himself was out, on a trip to Patara, but Cathy waited until he returned, to personally thank him.  She threw her arms around him, and everyone clapped.  He was rewarded for his honesty.

It's not unusual
In fairness, we have heard this type of story on a number occasions, over the years, so it is not that unusual. 

However, at a time when there are a very small number of dishonest people targeting villas and apartments, we believe it is right to remind everyone that this kind of honest behaviour happens all the time in Kalkan.


Kalkan Turkish Local News - your window on Kalkan Turkey.

Love KTLN.  Love Kalkan

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 July 2012