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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Kalkan Belediye Board meeting 2nd July 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 July 2013

Belediye meeting July 2013KTLN attended the July public meeting, which turned out to be quite interesting.

Here is our report on what was discussed.

Most of the items on the agenda related to planning matters, and there were a few questions from the floor at the end of the formal part of the meeting.

The first item discussed was a planning matter regarding some premises on Gül Sokak, where some of the Coast Guard staff have quarters.  A minor change to the town plan was agreed.

Area near Mustafa Kocakaya school
The next item on the agenda looked at the part of town close to the recently renovated Mustafa Kocakaya school.

The gated car park is now under the control of the school.  The gates are currently open and vehicles are parking in there for free at the moment, but our understanding is that at some point, a small charge will be payable.  We believe that any funds raised will be for the benefit of the school.  See image below.

Car park

A revised town plan was viewed, which also showed how additional parking space is being created on the road in front of Chillies and Yeşil Mavi restaurants.  It shows how the road has been widened opposite Yapı Kredi bank. 

Road down to the harbour
Interestingly, "the road that should never have been", (A), from the taxi rank, down as far as Chocolate Bar, has been officially added to the town plan.  It may not have been there originally, but it is now.

You may be aware that there is a footpath that goes from in front of Chocolate Bar towards Mojito Bar, and the town centre car park.  The Belediye intends to transform this into a road, (B), so that vehicles can access the car park (C) without having to drive through town. See image below.

Kalkan roads

We don't know for sure, but we suspect this will be a one way road that will access the car park through a new entrance, close to where the steps are now.

A member of the Belediye Board told us after the meeting that it is hoped an additional level can be added to this town centre car park, thereby increasing parking capacity.

Changes to the D400 traffic light junction
The final point on the agenda was another road matter.  The Turkish department responsible for all main highways in Turkey, including the Fethiye - Kaş D400, wish to make some major changes to the D400 at the traffic light junction. 

Before we explain what they want to do, we should say that the Belediye did not agree to these proposals, but they are giving them consideration before making a formal response.

The highways department sees the D400 as a major transit road, which should have as few bottlenecks as possible.  The traffic light junction is regarded as a slowing point, which they want to get rid of. 

Their proposal would see the current junction replaced with on and off slip roads, but anyone wishing to cross the D400 would have to use a new road bridge, that would go over the dual carriageway.

This would mean building a new section of road and a bridge (blue dots), in a project which could take as long as two years.  The work may take place at any time of year, including the tourist season.

Below: A plan showing where the new road would be.  We assume there would be a new junction (red dot) created where the bus station exit is on Şehitler Caddesi.

Kalkan roads

Traffic coming from the Fethiye direction, wanting to go to Kızıltaş or Akbel, would have to leave the D400 by the slip road, go down towards the new junction near the bus station, turn right on to the new road and double back up and over the D400.

Traffic coming from the Kaş direction wanting to go into town may be better off using the earlier junction by Öz Adana.  But if they came to this junction they would have to leave the D400 slip road and head up the Akbel road, before bearing left over the new bridge and down to the new junction by the bus station.

Is this really necessary?
There was a debate as to whether this new road layout was really necessary.  There have been accidents at this junction, and cars passing through can travel at a fast speed down the hill.  Because the Belediye waters the plants in the area dividing the carriageways, the road can be wet and there is a sign warning that the road may be slippery, just as you approach the traffic lights.

Despite the fact that we now have two footbridges over the D400, many pedestrians still cross at this junction, which given the speed of the traffic coming down the hill, can be a bit risky. 

Presumably, the highways department would argue that if this junction was redesigned to make traffic use a new bridge when crossing the D400, things would be much safer, and transitory traffic would be able to pass through more quickly.

We will watch developments with interest.  There is some way to go before this happens - if indeed it happens at all.

Questions from members of the public
That was the end of the formal agenda.  We raised a question about search lights scanning the night sky above Kalkan, and we gave the results of our recent poll, in which 331 people voted.  Around 4% like these lights, 9% are not sure either way, and 87% would prefer them not be be there. 

We asked what the Mayor thought about this, and if anything would be done.  We believe that the Mayor may speak to the bar concerned.

The question about laser lights sparked other contributions from members of the public attending the meeting.  Questions were raised about late night fireworks, and noise in general. 

The discussion touched upon Kalkan's reputation and what kind of image it wanted to portray to potential visitors.

If people are not happy with what they may regard as light or noise pollution, they should make a formal complaint to the Jandarma.  If the Jandarma are told, they can attend and prepare a report, which will go to the Belediye, who in turn can fine people, if they conclude that the law has been broken.

There is no meeting in August.  The next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd September at 14.00.


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