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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Kalkan Kalamar International Art Workshop PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 18 October 2015

Kalkan Kalamar International Art WorkshopOver recent years Kalkan has developed something of a reputation as a place where art is both created and appreciated.

We have a significant number of creative people in our community producing seriously good art in all its forms - paintings, photography, pottery and ceramics to name but a few.

And typically we have several exhibitions and workshops during the tourist season, where people from all over the world come together to create and display their work.

The latest such workshop is taking place right now at the Kalamar Hotel.  The Kalkan Kalamar International Art Workshop started on 12th October and ends with an exhibition on 22nd October.

There are 18 artists participating (named below).  Many are from Turkey but some are from other countries - including one person from as far away as the Philippines.

Theme - Peace
The artists collectively decided that the theme of the workshop should be "Peace in the World".  You may think that given what we see in the news media these days, it's not a bad subject to choose.

Kalkan Kalamar International Art Workshop

According to curator Özer Ulukaya and workshop organiser Serra Gürler, the goal of workshop is to:

  • Share the artists’ academic and artistic experiences
  • Raise the value given to arts and artists
  • Bring together Turkish and foreign artists
  • Promote peace and friendship between nations
  • Ensure the production of quality art for the future
  • Create art hotels

Kalamar Hotel coordinator Umut Dülger is delighted to be hosting such an art workshop in the hotel.  It is an ideal location - peaceful and with inspiring views.  Working with the artists in this way provides an opportunity to bring works of art to the attention of the public and it adds a new and interesting dimension to tourism in the area.

Kalkan Kalamar International Art Workshop
Exhibition - 22nd October
The works from all of the artists will be presented to the public at Kalamar Hotel on Thursday 22 October, starting at 14.00 with a cocktail party.  Everyone is invited to come along - entrance is free.  Some paintings will be available to purchase.

If you wish to go along before the exhibition you may do so and watch the artists at work.

Kalkan Kalamar International Art Workshop

Kalkan Kalamar International Art Workshop

Kalkan Culture House exhibition
Following the one day exhibition at Kalamar Hotel, starting the next day on Friday 23rd October the art created at the workshop will move to the Culture House on Atatürk Caddesi in Kalkan town.  This exhibition will run until 29th October.

Artists participating in the workshop
Sürayya Oskay from Istanbul University with glass and stained-glass; Nurbiye Uz from Anadolu University with sculpture work; and artists from various provinces of Turkey such as Ahmet Özol, Alev Akbaş Sudan, Ayfer Uz, Candeğer Aydın, Devabil Kara, Ezgi Kınalı, Hüseyin Macar, Leyla Buhara, Sena Sengir, Serap Gürcan, Yıldız Arun, Zehra Sengir, Z.Aslı Köstepen; together with foreign artists Farida Karanfil from Uzbekistan, Jonal Buenafe from the Philippines and Teymur Ağalıoğlu from Azerbaijan.


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Last Updated on Saturday, 17 October 2015