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Monday, April 23, 2018
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The KTLN Kalkan Survey 2016 - analysis PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 March 2016

KTLN Kalkan SurveyKalkan Turkish Local News recently invited members to take part in its 7th annual survey about Kalkan.  

Over recent weeks, some 590 people answered our questions, which is a little higher than last year.  For a small tourist destination like Kalkan, this is a good sample size. 

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey.  Here, we introduce the findings of the 2016 survey, which looks at your experience of Kalkan in 2015.

The analysis
Starting tomorrow, and over the coming days, KTLN will be publishing the findings, with some analysis.

We won't be publishing all of the general comments, however we will give you a flavour of what was said.

Kalkan Turkey

Do your views matter?
Yes, we think they do matter.  And importantly, so do many local people we have spoken to. 

We are guests in a foreign country, but collectively, we do make a significant contribution to the economy of Kalkan, and it is not surprising that locals would be interested to know what we think.

Are these views representative of all visitors to Kalkan?
Honestly, there is no way of telling for sure although our questionnaire is available to every member and we believe it is worded in a neutral way.  

If you look at the size of the household/group represented by each respondent, you could say that these views represent over 1,700 visitors to Kalkan.

What we can say with some certainty is that the people who chose to take part should have a good knowledge of Kalkan.  The vast majority of respondents:

  • have been to Kalkan recently,
  • stayed here for several weeks minimum (in any given year), and
  • have been coming for years.

So it's fair to say that our respondents know what they are talking about.  It is also reasonable to assume, that given our guarantee of anonymity, the views expressed are genuine.

Admittedly, if there are any people out there who came to Kalkan and hated it, they are unlikely to be visiting the KTLN website.  And it goes without saying, that as this is an English language website, we have not attracted that many non-British participants - they represent just 6% of our respondents. 

How should we interpret the data?
We believe the data is quite robust, and provides a reliable snapshot of what foreign visitors and residents are thinking.

The survey provides us with four main areas of information, which we will bring to you over the coming days.  
  1. Visitor demographics - a profile of foreigners in Kalkan (published on Sunday 6th March)
  2. Coming to Kalkan - how you get here and where you stay (published on Monday 7th March)
  3. Property ownership (published on Tuesday 8th March)
  4. Your views on Kalkan (published on Wednesday 9th March)
In addition to the bare statistics, we can add some flavour to the bare numbers, by telling you what the key messages were in the optional comments that some people left.

The survey findings and analysis are subject to copyright, which belongs to Kalkan Turkish Local News.  However, we appreciate that people may want to discuss and comment upon the findings. 

We do not have a problem with individuals sharing this information, however we would respectfully ask that our work is not simply copied and pasted on to other websites.

If any other website wishes to comment or report on the survey, we are happy for them to do so, but would ask for credit to be given to Kalkan Turkish Local News, with a link back to KTLN placed on their website. 


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Last Updated on Monday, 21 March 2016