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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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The view from the harbour - March 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 March 2017

Kalkan harbour

It’s a while since we told you what was going on down at the harbour, so here is a brief update with photos.

The last time we covered the harbour was in our end of year review on 31st December 2016 - click here to read our report.

You may be disappointed to learn that very little has happened concerning the completion of the work that was started in the area close to the recently built restaurant units.  It's been a very quiet winter.

Let's recap on where we are with the redevelopment work.

Phase 1 of the harbourside redevelopment was the rebuilding of the units destroyed by fire in December 2014.  This was completed some time ago.

Phase 2 was supposed to landscape the area adjacent to these new units, roughly from Gusto restaurant to the new ramp close to the beach.  This remains outstanding.

Phase 3 was to be the redevelopment of the units from Gusto restaurant down as far as Pirat Hotel.  This has been postponed indefinitely, to the delight of many people.

Kalkan harbour

The expectation had been that although Phase 3 has been put on hold, Phase 2 would be continued so that the builders could at least finish what they started.  Unfortunately there has been no significant work taking place to landscape this area.  It has been left looking untidy and in some parts like a building site, with bare concrete and metalwork blighting the ambience of what should be a pleasant amenity.  In the photo above you can see how the stone facia on the retaining wall is incomplete.

The reason for the total cessation of activity is that this project is subject to a legal challenge, and until such time as the Belediye sorts things out in a way that satisfies a judge no work is permitted - not even work to finish off what has already been started.

So unless something happens soon it looks as though the tourist season will start with this part of the harbour looking well below its best.

The beach is in its usual winter state; a little bare and lumpy with any winter swimmers having to negotiate a steep slope into the sea.  The Belediye run Muar Cafe behind the beach is popular with locals.

Kalkan harbour

Above photo taken from Muar Cafe courtesy of Sandra Osborne.

Work on renovating one of the original stone buildings in the town, just behind the beach is coming along.  The builders are undertaking this project in a way that respects the traditional form of the original property.

Kalkan harbour

Moving away from the beach the grassy area below Sunset and Korsan restaurants is looking a bit jaded but there is still a hint of green within the browning turf.  What happened to the irrigation system?

Kalkan harbour

Overlooking this area up on Atatürk Caddesi the old Black and Gold site is going to have new life breathed into it as a new business called Ko.Co. takes over.  We believe the name stands for Korsan Continued and it will be run by Uluç from the Korsan Group.  This new place will operate alongside the existing Korsan Meze and the Fish Terrace restaurant.

Below: From many years ago, an image of the old KoKo Bar - remember this?  Not to be confused with the new Ko.Co. which will be located where the yellow umbrellas are in the image below.

Kalkan harbour

In the new block of six units Kleo Bar and Yakamoz (Jimmy’s) have been open throughout the winter, and work has been going on in the unit between Seaport and Şamdan restaurants as a new business called My Bar prepares to open in the new season. 

The Fener Cafe has been conspicuous by its absence this winter and its future remains uncertain following the very odd tender process that took place last year.  (See our report from September 2016 for more details on this).

Kalkan harbour

Further along Gusto and Aubergine restaurants have stayed open for business throughout the winter, whilst down the same street Trio restaurant has been busy relocating to the place next door that was once Rosemary (and before that Ilyada).  Their old place is being taken over by another restaurant - details awaited.

Also busy with a makeover has been Marina restaurant by the Pirat Hotel.  They have made a few cosmetic changes including moving the entrance steps from the street.

Meanwhile in the actual harbour most boats remain perched high and dry on their wooden chocks awaiting the crane that will winch them back into the water in April.  It’s been pretty quiet down on the harbour save for the sound of ongoing boat repairs.

Kalkan harbour

Kalkan harbour

There was an unusual occurrence back in December when a stray swan (cygnet actually) veered off course and spent 24 hours away from its skein paddling in the harbour, much to the amusement of local boatmen who initially said it must have been a goose. 

Nobody had seen a swan in Kalkan before.  Well they have now.  

A quiet few months
So that's our round up of events down at the harbour.  A very quiet few months with very little activity.

There are only a couple of months to go before things start warming up and the new season will be upon us.  Despite the lack of urgency in completing the redevelopment work, Kalkan's harbour remains an attractive focal point for life in the town and there will still be plenty of people wandering down the cobbled streets to take in the sea air and the atmosphere.

If you're heading to Kalkan this season you will notice a few changes but in the main the harbour has stayed the same.  You will find many of the familiar faces there to greet you upon your return. 

Below: Kalkan harbour and the mountain backdrop.

Kalkan harbour


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