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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Jandarma make an arrest as burglaries continue PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 June 2017

Kalkan JandarmaKalkan is a safe place to live or visit on holiday, but like lots of other tourist resorts it does suffer from burglaries - especially in the main tourist season.

The bad news is that criminals are currently out and about in Kalkan, operating mostly at night.  Between 03.00 and 05.00 seems to be a favourite time, but we have also seen breaks ins occur in the evening when people are out in town.  The good news is that the Jandarma soldiers are also out and about, and yesterday they had some success in capturing a burglar.

We wanted to tell you how the Jandarma detained this suspect with help from members of the public.

How events unfolded
It is known that there were in fact a number of burglaries committed by a gang of three men on the evening of Thursday 15th June.  Some time after midnight they decided to drive to the köfte and çay van parked on top of the hill on the D400 as you come in to Kalkan.  As they spoke about their successful evening another customer sat by the van became suspicious and called the Jandarma.  As the Jandarma arrived the burglars panicked and jumped over the crash barrier and fled into the darkness, down the rocky mountain side in the direction of Kalamar Bay.

A number of Jandarma soldiers gave pursuit whilst others stayed with the abandoned vehicle containing the burglars' ill-gotten gains.  As it was dark it was impossible to follow the burglars down the mountain, which is rocky and covered in olive trees.  After daybreak the search continued and after another tip off they located three suspects in the Ortaalan area of Kalkan. 

When approached the burglars split up and fled in different directions.  One suspect was apprehended after a short chase but two others managed to escape.  The Jandarma know who they are and it is only a matter of time before they are apprehended.  The Jandarma do not believe they are still in Kalkan.  One soldier was slightly injured when capturing the suspect.

Below: A number of stolen items have been recovered.

Stolen items returned

These burglars are not local - they came from a town over 300 km away, and in that respect this is unusual.  Typically the burglars that operate in Kalkan are petty criminals from outside Kalkan but not too far away.  When we asked the captured burglar why he had come all the way to Kalkan, he replied he was here for a holiday.  He now faces the prospect of a swift court hearing followed by a very long holiday behind bars.  İyi tatiler.

Below: Within two hours of reporting the break in the Jandarma Chief turned up in person to give these holidaymakers (Robert, Gemma, Jane and Robert) the good news that all their possessions had been recovered.  Here they are earlier today getting their things back from the Jandarma.

Stolen items returned

Working together
The reason we have brought you this news story is to highlight the importance of members of the public being vigilant and reporting suspicious activity.  Whether you live in Kalkan or if you are just visiting on holiday, the Jandarma often rely upon your help to catch criminals. 

Jandarma soldiers are patrolling the streets but Kalkan is a big place and they can't be everywhere, so they rely on all of us to be their eyes and ears, as was the case in this particular incident. 

If you spot anything at all suspicious, no matter what time of day or night, please do not hesitate to contact the Jandarma.  Their direct number is 0242 844 3005, or you can reach them by dialling the general emergency number 112.

Relax and enjoy your time in Kalkan
Finally, it is worth remembering that Kalkan really is a wonderful place to relax and chill out, and you will find the vast majority of people here friendly and welcoming.  All you need to do is take some simple, common sense precautions regarding your personal possessions, and you should be fine. 


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Last Updated on Saturday, 17 June 2017