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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Feature suspended until start of the next season.

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I continue to be very impressed with KTLN - not only for its content, but also they way it is very informative but shows discretion in the way it reports, but is very clear in its content. Well done and thank you.
Wendy (Feedback box)

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Transfer With Me web site retired PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 July 2017

TransferWithMe.comBack in June we told you that our sister web site Transfer With Me was temporarily unavailable due to a technical issue.

It was not a malicious hacking scenario but rather a technical issue that arose during some routine housekeeping being done by the company that hosts the site.

We have evaluated the problem and reluctantly concluded that we are going to retire the web site.

Launched in 2011
Transfer With Me (TWM) was launched back in 2011 as a free to use web site dedicated to facilitating airport transfer shares. It seemed a great idea to us at the time - saving money for travellers prepared to share a journey and reducing the number of vehicles making the same journey, thereby reducing harmful emissions.

Many people got the idea.  We even got a mention on the BBC News "Click" programme and attracted over 3,000 users and the web site helped to match hundreds of travellers - mostly for transfers to and from Dalaman Airport.

But the web site relied on having a critical mass of active users to generate matched journeys and for whatever reasons we never really achieved that critical mass to take us to the next level.  Many people were/are happy to use social media to ask for transfer shares.

The recent behind the scenes technical problem gave us a dilemma.  It would take a significant amount of effort to get things back to normal.  Our webmaster operates the TWM web site and KTLN as a hobby.  He jokingly describes both sites as "providing a negative return on investment", which is just another way of saying it's a lot of work for no remuneration.

Given that our webmaster has a proper job that keeps him very busy, plus the fact that we don't have a critical mass of active users to generate more transfer matches I can't justify asking him to dedicate so much of his spare time to recreate the TWM site.  So sadly TWM has seen it's last transfer match.

Thank you to everyone who used the site.  We are sorry to take it offline.


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Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 July 2017