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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Kalkan Exchange Rates

Mid Rate FYI
Updated: 15 hours ago
Buy GBP: 6.1500
Buy EUR: 5.3800
Buy USD: 4.5800
Yardan Jewellery
Updated: 5 days ago
Buy GBP: 5.8000
Buy EUR: 5.0000
Buy USD: 4.2000

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Water bills - is your direct debit up to date? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 August 2017

Water - ASAT

In May KTLN advised Kalkan property owners that they needed to sign a new contract with the local water supply company, ASAT.  Click here to read the article.

There was a notional deadline to do this however ASAT has been understanding about foreign property owners who may not be in Kalkan to complete the paperwork, and we understand they are giving people more time to do this.

For those who have signed the new contract if you have been paying your water bill by direct debit from your bank account it is important to ensure that this is updated.  In fact you need to cancel your old direct debit and set up a new one with your new customer ID number (abone).

We are aware that some people have signed new contracts but have not set up a new direct debit with their new customer ID number and consequently bills are now outstanding.  This will result in the water supply being cut off - unless you have opted to revert to manually paying your bills over the counter in cash.

We know of such an instance in Kalkan this week where ASAT workers called to cut the water supply as a result of unpaid bills.  It was only the last minute intervention of a concerned neighbour that prevented the supply being cut.  The property owner was given two more days to settle the account - much to the relief of the people in the villa who were paying guests on holiday.

If you pay your ASAT water bills by direct debit please ensure that it is set up with the correct new customer ID number.


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