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Monday, March 19, 2018
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As an owner of a property in Kalkan, this site seemed an excellent way of keeping in touch, especially as for much of the year I am not able to be out there.
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Another collision at D400 traffic lights in Kalkan. Time for change? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 August 2017

Road traffic incident - D400

There was an accident at the D400 traffic lights junction yesterday, close to the petrol station.

KTLN does not report every road traffic accident that happens in Kalkan, but this particular junction has more than its fair share.  In fact it was only a few weeks ago that workmen came to repair the road signs that were damaged by the last accident.  Now they have it all to do again.

The latest incident occurred at around 18.00 on Sunday 20th August when two Renault Symbol cars collided with each other.

Eye witnesses reported that the silver coloured car was coming down the D400 towards the junction travelling in the direction of Kaş and the white car was leaving town and crossing the D400.

The Jandarma attended along with a fire rescue truck and two ambulances.  A large crowd gathered as the casualties were rescued.

The silver car appears to have skidded along the road and hit the central reservation, ending up on its roof.  Two men and a woman were extracted from this vehicle and taken to a nearby hospital.  We are informed that all three are recovering and their injuries are not considered to be serious.  The lady driving the white car was badly shaken but otherwise appeared unhurt.

Road traffic incident - D400

Below: Skid marks visible on the recently painted pedestrian crossing.  A road sign is demolished.

Road traffic incident - D400

Below: The silver coloured Renault Symbol with three occupants ended up on its roof.

Road traffic incident - D400

Road traffic incident - D400

Road traffic incident - D400

Below: Kalkan's new Jandarma chief attends on his day off and checks on the condition of the casualties.

Road traffic incident - D400

Drive carefully
It is coming up to a holiday period in Turkey and the roads are going to be much busier over the next few weeks.  Please drive carefully and take extra care at this particular junction which has sadly become an accident black spot.

Plans for an improved junction not progressed
In July 2013 KTLN reported on a local Belediye meeting where we were told that the Turkish department responsible for all main highways in Turkey wanted to make some major changes to the D400 at the traffic light junction.  The highways department sees the D400 as a major transit road, which should have as few bottlenecks as possible.  This junction is regarded as a slowing point, and we were told that they wanted to get rid of. 

Their proposal would have seen the current junction replaced with on and off slip roads.  Anyone wishing to cross the D400 would have to use a new road bridge, that would go over the dual carriageway.  This would necessitate building a new section of road and a bridge (blue dots), in a project which could take as long as two years. 

At the time we reported how the Belediye were being consulted on this plan.  It was said at the meeting that they were not in favour of the proposals.  We have no record of the Belediye's official response but whatever it was nothing has happened.

Below: A plan showing where the new road would be.  We assume there would be a new junction (red dot) created where the bus station exit is on Şehitler Caddesi.

Kalkan roads

Time for change?
This junction only came into existence in 2008 but it has already claimed scores of casualties and at least one fatality that we are aware of.

Red traffic lights are ignored on what seems like a daily basis.  The automated watering system for the palm trees in the central reservation makes the road surface wet as you come down the hill towards the traffic lights causing vehicles to lose traction when braking.  In the outside lane where you have the fastest traffic you may find stationary vehicles waiting to turn left towards Akbel.  The olive trees on the right hand side of the road as you drive down the hill partially obscure the driver's view of the junction.  It is little wonder that the junction has become notorious as an accident black spot.

Further, despite the fact that we now have two footbridges over the D400, many pedestrians still cross at this junction, which given the speed of the traffic coming down the hill, can be a bit risky. 

Surely if this junction was redesigned as proposed back in 2013 things would be much safer, and transitory traffic would be able to pass through more quickly.

Please tell us what you think.  Is it time to ask the highways authority to do something?  Contact KTLN

Below: The D400 junction back in March 2008 just prior to completion.

D400 March 2008

Below: The D400 looking towards the junction in June 2008.

D400 June 2008


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Last Updated on Monday, 21 August 2017