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KTLN Behind the Scenes: Trio restaurant PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Trio restaurantIn May 2010 KTLN took a look behind the scenes at Aubergine restaurant.  We were allowed to spend some time in their kitchen during a busy evening in the main tourist season.  It was a great insight into how hard people work to give us the quality of food that we have come to expect, and for which Kalkan has a well earned reputation.  Lots of you read our article.  Click here to see the article

We thought it might be interesting to do a few more “Behind the Scenes” articles, so if you run a restaurant in our area and you would like to invite us in to your kitchen to see how you do things please get in touch and we can discuss the idea.  Contact KTLN

We had such a conversation with the guys at Trio restaurant and here is our behind the scenes report from this long established harbour-side eatery.

On the move - but only slightly
Trio restaurant is located by the harbour on the busy street that runs alongside and parallel to the day trip boats.  It opened ten years ago in 2007 in a spot between the small supermarket and what used to be Ilyada restaurant.  Last winter it relocated, shuffling a few metres along the street to the old Ilyada/Rosemary unit.

The Trio - (left to right) Murat, Bayram and Ali.

Trio restaurant

It is called Trio because the business is owned and run by three amigos - Murat, Bayram and Ali.  Murat and Ali look after the front of house whilst Bayram is in charge of the kitchen.  Between them they have over 60 years experience of working in Kalkan so they are probably getting the hang of things by now.

Trio restaurant

Refurbishing the front of house
Moving location, even though it’s only a short distance, presented an opportunity to totally refurbish the place and the owners have invested significantly in the front of house area where they now have around 70 to 80 covers. 

Importantly they have more space and more options to make improvements in future.  Murat travels abroad quite a bit and takes inspiration from places he has visited around the world.

But our mission was to get behind the scenes in Bayram’s domain.  Whilst the kitchen was operating like a well oiled machine Bayram explained how the investment in new fixtures, fittings and equipment for his kitchen will have to wait a little longer. 

First things first
Bayram is philosophical about it: he told us “You can’t do everything at once.  How the restaurant looks to customers is important so that has to come first.”  Bayram has everything he needs to produce great food so he can wait a little longer to get his perfectly configured kitchen.  We should add that although many of the pots and pans may be black this is from constant use and the intense heat.  We found the kitchen hygiene to be good.

Learning the system
Something they try to do at Trio is retain their staff.  Customers like to see familiar faces when they return to Kalkan and in the kitchen having a stable team is a big plus point.  From time to time a new member of staff will join the team and when they do they must learn all of the jobs in the kitchen.  They may have experience from elsewhere but they have to know how Bayram’s system works.

Organising the kitchen for how busy it is going to be day by day is not a perfect science but over time they get to know the busy times of day and days of the week.  Bayram orders supplies on a daily basis.  He tends to stick with tried and trusted sources (and sauces for that matter).  Much of what they use is sourced locally but things like steaks are delivered from further afield in refrigerated vans as quality meat is not available locally.  The menu is varied in that you can experience genuine Turkish cuisine as well as international fare.

Work in the kitchen starts early in the morning.  Trio opens for business at 09.00.  Certain items can be prepared a little in advance during the day but most things are freshly prepared and cooked which might mean customers may have to wait a few minutes.

Below: Bayram (in the green top) and some of his kitchen team.

Trio restaurant
Taking and processing the orders
The system for processing customer orders is simple but effective.  Once the waiter has written down your order the details are taken to the kitchen and stuck in a prominent position so that all kitchen staff can see.  There is little conversation as everyone knows what they have to do - there is no need for a discussion.

Trio restaurant

The kitchen team have a very clear understanding of the routine and their own particular roles.  Bayram himself will often take the lead on the charcoal grill with the steak and fish dishes.  The oil men (fryers) are on the gas hob, gently tossing pans of mixed vegetables, meat, fish or a combination of these foods.  One chef looks after the wood burning oven that is used for things like casseroles and also for the puffy bread that you often get as an appetiser.

We should not forget the guy in the corner doing the washing up.  Admittedly he does have a dishwashing machine but many things are washed and dried by hand, so if this guy isn’t on the ball that delicious food will not make it as far as your table.

Food that is good to go is placed on a shelf and given a final check before a bell is rung.  A waiter then comes to collect the plates and serves the customer.  If someone is having a starter the main course is not normally prepared until the starter is finished.  This way the main meal is served at its best, rather than it standing for a while.

Bayram says that he and his staff take pride in their work and they do their best to get it right every time, but working in a kitchen environment brings pressures and sometimes they may not quite get it right.  When things go wrong they will do their utmost to rectify the situation.

In the main season Trio opens for breakfast and closes when the last customer goes home, which is normally around midnight.  While you may be wending your merry way home at some late hour spare a thought for the kitchen staff who have to fully clean the kitchen before they head off home to their beds.

Trio restaurant

An amalgamation of aromatic awesomeness
It’s an obvious thing to mention but the fusion of aromas coming from the pans, off the grill and out of the oven are a real treat for the olfactories: a veritable amalgamation of aromatic awesomeness.  It can be quite intoxicating.

Less of a thrill is the heat.  They say if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen; well suffice to say your intrepid reporter had to step outside on a few occasions to catch the breeze, and avoid melting on the kitchen floor.  When it’s Bayram’s turn to have a refurb in the kitchen things may cool down a little.

The guys at Trio hope that their investment in refurbishing the new restaurant unit will pay off.  The results so far this season are encouraging.  People have been complimentary.  As with many of the long established restaurants their faithful clientele have continued to be supportive.

Trio has decided to give it a go out of the main season too, so if you are planning to come out towards the end of the year they will be open.

Below: Bayram cooks a steak on the charcoal grill.

Trio restaurant

Below: Food being prepared and then cooked.

Trio restaurant

Trio restaurant

 Below: The wood burning oven kicks out some heat.  Here you see the bread about to go in.

Trio restaurant

Below: Baked in the oven - all puffed up and ready to eat.

Trio restaurant

Below: Bread and olives heading out to a customer.

Trio restaurant

Below: And not forgetting the washing up guy who never stops.  It's a team effort.

Trio restaurant

The X Factor
We should point out that Kalkan has well over one hundred places where you can eat and drink.  Kalkan Turkish Local News prides itself on being impartial, and we know there are lots of restaurants out there, working hard to give you a memorable evening out - you can find them in the KTLN Business Directory

In this article we have given you an insight into just one of them - one of the more established places to eat in Kalkan.  However, we don't recommend any specific restaurants - that's for you to decide.  Kalkan regulars know only too well that there are so many great places to choose from.

The choice and quality of food on offer, is probably one of the reasons that so many people come back to Kalkan time after time.  Perhaps these restaurants are Kalkan's X Factor. 

Wherever you choose to eat in Kalkan, afiyet olsun!

More Behind the Scenes places
Finally, as we said in the introduction to this article we would be delighted to feature other restaurants.  Do get in touch if you run a restaurant and want the KTLN editor to go behind the scenes in your Kalkan kitchen.  If you are friends with any restaurant owners why not mention this to them and see if they are interested in being featured on KTLN.


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Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 August 2017