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Monday, March 19, 2018
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Benefits of using a water filter in Kalkan - A presentation Friday 16th February PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Plastic water bottlesThis year KTLN is focusing on the environment and what we can do to protect and improve it.

Our predisposition to getting drinking water from plastic bottles is pervasive and extremely damaging to the environment.  So we are looking at alternatives, one of which is drinking filtered tap water.

We have organised a presentation (in Turkish and English) for Friday 16th February starting at 14.00, at Kaya restaurant where you will be able to find out about a range of filtering machines.  These can be used in the home or by businesses.  Please come along.  Everyone is welcome.

In this report we outline why they are worth considering.

The scale of the plastic problem
The official population of Kalkan is a little over 3,000.  If every person drank just one bottle of water a day for one year that would be over one million plastic bottles either going to landfill or being thrown away somewhere in Kalkan. 

That said, the reality is that many locals do in fact drink the tap water or they use the large 19 litre damacans of water, sometimes refilled from local springs.  The issue is more to do with visitors to Kalkan.  Tens of thousands of visitors come to Kalkan every year and we suspect that most of them drink water from plastic bottles.  That’s millions of plastic bottles being thrown away by just one small town.

Water quality
It is a commonly held perception that tap water over here should be avoided and that you’re safer drinking water from a bottle - usually a plastic bottle.

But as we have said many locals in Kalkan drink unfiltered tap water with seemingly no adverse effects.  And as for bottled water some people claim there are harmful effects from drinking water that has been stored in a plastic bottle, especially if it has been exposed to sunlight for a long time.

The water quality in Kalkan is more closely monitored now, following a serious incident in 2015 which saw many people fall ill as a result of contaminated water.  The water company ASAT checks the water on a daily basis, with more detailed tests carried out twice a month. 

The environmental cost
Our desire to drink water from plastic water bottles comes at a massive cost to the environment.  It’s not just the millions of discarded bottles themselves, although that in itself is bad enough.  Delivering the bottles from the producer to the consumer requires transport; and transport burns fuel, which produces toxic emissions, which harm the environment.

If it can be demonstrated that filtered tap water is safe to drink and there are no taste issues then it is certainly the best way to drink water from an environmental perspective.

Below: There are many types of water filter - for example, mechanical; absorption (GAC); chemical and reverse osmosis (RO).  Products will be on display at the meeting.

Water filters

Water filters in Kalkan already
Some homes and businesses in Kalkan are already using water filter machines, but not that many.  This Friday Kalkan residents and business owners have an opportunity to take a look at the latest filtering technology and ask questions about their use and efficacy.

It’s an opportunity to think about why we are so hooked on our “plastic habit” and to consider an alternative.  We hope to see you there.

The presentation is being given by Hyundai Su Arıtma Sistemleri Antalya


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Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 February 2018